• How To Check Your Dog For Ticks And Chiggers, Along With The Importance Of Giving Them A Yearly Heartworm Medication



    When it comes to our dog’s health, it’s one of the more important things to keep an eye on. In addition, as many dog owners know, when spring, and summer arrives, so does Tick and Chigger season. Although Ticks, and Chiggers can appear all year round, depending on where you live, we will discuss here how you can check for Ticks and Chiggers, as well as treatment options. Furthermore, we will also discuss the importance of giving your best friend a yearly Heartworm medication, so read on to learn more.


    Let us start with a couple of facts first about Ticks and Chiggers. They are not, as some believe, insects, they are in fact, arachnids, yes closely related to spiders and such. With that said, there are four basic stages to the life of a Tick, or Mite (Chiggers), and they are, egg, larva, nymph and adult. Now, to grow they must shed their skin periodically, this is referred to as molting, and this happens at each stage of their life cycle. Keeping that thought in mind, Adult Chiggers are often referred to as Harvest Mites, so let us look at how to recognize if our dog has these two types of pests, and how to treat it when it does happen.


    Fleas and Ticks are pretty easy to spot on your dog because they are bigger than Chiggers, and can be removed fairly easily using a pair of tweezers. However, this is not ideal as it can take a long time, especially if your dog has many of them. Therefore, a dip would be recommended, which can be bought from a pet store, or your Vet. However, controlling Chiggers on the other hand, is a different matter, as they are much smaller, and you can barely see them with the naked eye.


    Chiggers are, so small it can look like paprika powder, so you should check for orange rash like areas on the belly or groin area, or the head and legs. Now, as with Ticks there are a few treatment options available to remove, and prevent Chiggers. In addition, the most common one is using a pyrethrin based dip, which would be given a couple of weeks apart. Alternatively, you can shop for an anti-parasite medication, and apply it to the local area, if it isn’t too bad. However, if the infestation is severe, a trip to your local Vet could prove useful for injection treatment options. In addition, these treatments can help prevent the itching, which will occur and can lead to infection.


    Furthermore, it is important to especially treat Ticks, because with virtually all types of Ticks, they can spread disease, like Lyme disease. Nevertheless, there are many types of diseases that Ticks can spread, and although Lyme disease is rare, it can happen, and dogs can get it too. However, the best treatment of course, is prevention, as there are steps you can take to prevent, or at least, keep the risk factor low. Keep in mind, that when bitten by these pests the itching can be very persistent, and last for days or even weeks. People, and their dogs generally get Ticks, and Chiggers from dense brush, wooded areas, and tall grass. Furthermore, this can take place more especially in the warmer months. Therefore, it is recommended to try, and stay to clearings and trails as much as possible.



    The Importance of A Yearly Heartworm Medication


    Heartworm is a serious concern for dog owners, because it can lead to death for your dog, and also very expensive Vet bills for treatment once the dog has Heartworm. Additionally, it is treatable once your dog has Heartworm, but the best course of treatment is prevention and we cannot stress this enough. It is a very preventable disease and relatively cheap to administer Heartworm preventive medications. There are a few things we should discuss thought regarding this horrible disease.


    Firstly, your dog can only get Heartworm from a mosquito bite, and we know, this is not reassuring because there are millions of mosquitoes buzzing around during spring and summer. Once a dog has been bitten by an infected mosquito, it takes up to 7 months for the worm to reach adult, or maturity. These worms can breed inside your dog, and they lodge in the heart, lungs and surrounding vessels to breed, they can reach a length of up to 12 inches, live more than 6 years, and one dog can have up to as many as 250 worms.


    Furthermore, there have been reported cases in all 50 states, so it is important to take preventive measures with your best friend. Now, you should not just start your dog on preventive medications for Heartworm, always make a Vet visit to have the pet tested for Heartworm first. This is because, if you treat your dog with a preventative medication, and he or she already has Heartworm, this can lead to very serious complications, as the medication is not targeted for adult worms, which may already be present.


    Prevention is key when it comes to Heartworm. Preventive treatments can run anywhere between $30 and $100 annually, depending on brand and where you live, or what store you buy it from. Keep in mind, that treatment of an infected dog with Heartworm can run as much as $1,000, or more with all the tests, x-rays, injections and follow ups. Finally, we love our dogs, and want what is best for them, and that includes their health, so it is a very wise dog owner who will take Heartworm medication seriously for their pet, and give them a long and healthy life with these preventable measures.

  • I love my pet, but I hate the high cost of pet supplies.

    Can you relate to the constant drain on your wallet? Would you like to reduce the cost of your pet supplies?

    If you too love your pet or pets and would like to benefit from some ways I save money on pet supplies then take just a few minutes and let me share some cost saving ideas that can really lighten the financial drain for those pets that we consider a integral part of our family.

    One of the problems with the cost of pet supplies has become the increasing cost these past few years. It can add up fast. In my house we actually have a line item in our monthly budget because we actually have 6 pets (2 dogs and 4 cats). In this article I hope to help everyone who loves pets but would like to save money on pet supplies.

    Most of us are genuine pet lovers. We love to keep animals as pets for our enjoyment and companionship. Over time, these pets become a regular part of the family. Our pets deserve the very best care just as anyone in the family would. Because of our love and commitment to care for our pets, We’re constantly looking for little nick knacks we can buy while shopping..

    The pet supply and pet product industry has grown quite a bit over the past decade. Thus a large number of new pet stores have opened up all throughout the country. There are many pet products and pet supplies outlets available in the market today including where you live or at least over the Internet. As a Pet lover, you can buy these products from discount pet stores or order online from the comfort of your home of office.

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    There are a wide variety of online and local discount pet stores for you to choose from. Both online and traditional discount pet supply stores offer a growing selection of items for the pets that you love. The online pet discount stores carries a wider range of product for your pet because they’re not limited to physical shelf space. These online discount pet stores are a great resource for checking out a discount pet supplies and price comparisons without the need to actually visit stores in your area. Online stores are easy to use as they are easier and more convenient to order from. When purchasing anything online including pet supplies or pet foods you can save money by not having to pay sales taxes in most cases. In addition, you can have many online pet supplies stores offer free shipping to first time buyers or in many cases for a specific period of time of if your order exceeds a certain dollar amount.

    Most of the pet supply discount pet stores are pet friendly. They are designed to provide a nice comfortable place for the pet owner and your pet while you’re buying pet supplies. Some of these discount stores offer many additional benefits and services in addition to the normal services you’ve come to expect. Some of these extra services include pet grooming services, pet photography and veterinary services, Community services such as obedience classes, pet adoption clinics and seminars on pet care are also offered.

    Well I hope this article has helped you and I hope it has shed some light on the challenge of saving money on your pets’ supplies regardless whether you use a local regular pet supply store or an online store. This may take a little research and price comparison on your part but the savings will be well worth it.


  • The Australian terrier is one of the smallest of the terrier dog group. It was originally bred in Great Britain and brought to Australia around 1885 as a working dog to guard mines and to tend sheep. Named the rough coated terrier the Australian terrier was officially recognized in the year 1850. The Australian terrier is a healthy and hardy breed. They are long-living to 15 years or more and free of any major hereditary defects.
    They have a rough-textured straight coat 2in. to 3in. long with colorings ranging from Black-tan, blue-black through to tan, sandy colored, or solid red with a distinctive soft-haired topknot on their head.
    The Australian terrier is tough and cheeky, and stands 9in to 11in high. However, like many other terrier breeds, in its own mind it is a much larger dog and is quite fearless. It is energetic and loyal and will display great affection to its family. It is confident and curious, has excellent hearing and eyesight and therefore makes a useful watchdog. The Australian terrier likes to please its master is can be more easily trained than some other terriers.

    Unlike many other terrier breeds the Australian terrier does not usually display aggression towards other dogs although they may chase small animals outside the home. They can occasionally display wariness towards strangers although they are not excessively suspicious. They travel well and can be somewhat easier to train than other terrier types although their training needs to be strict; their self-assured nature can make them want to follow their own ideas rather than yours! But they can do some cool tricks!

    Australian terriers make good apartment dogs. They are adaptable and will remain active indoors but will require outdoor exercise and, like all dogs, need to be walked on a leash due to their tendency to chase other animals. They have a higher ranking intellect than other terriers according to Stanley’s book called the Intelligence of Dogs
    The Australian terrier sheds little or no hair and will not require clipping except perhaps around the eyes and ears when blunt-nosed scissors should be used. Regular brushing is recommended. This will stimulate natural oil secretion from the skin which will help to develop a high gloss to the coat. Clip the toenails regularly. Australian Terriers do not require washing more than once a month. More frequent washing will tend to make their tough coat go lank.
    Your Australian terrier will consider himself to be a part of your family and will be a loyal and loving companion. They make really good show dogs, after being trained and groomed properly.

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