Coping With the loss of a pet

  Looking through the memorial web sites that pet owners create when a beloved pet passes away has shown me that there are a number of ways that people cope with the loss of a pet. Some people seem to be unsure or even embarrassed about the depth of grief and loss they feel when a close pet dies. In … Read More

Hero Pets?

The storybooks abound with tales of heroic pets, and the amazing deeds they performed to save their masters from danger, or protect innocent children from harm. The classic TV series Lassie featured the classic “heroic” family dog, seemingly saving disaster-prone Timmy from a new and horrific fate in each episode. But few of us have personally been saved by a … Read More

Why Treating Fleas is a Must for any Animal Lover

Why Treating for Fleas is a Must for any Animal Lover! Author: Jonathan Wallace We have all done it, we look over in the corner and see Rover scratching and think “Oh he has an Itch it can’t be fleas”. A few weeks later he is still doing it! Yes chances are Rover has fleas and they need to be … Read More

Private Jet Charter: Traveling with pets

Can’t bear to leave the family pet in a kennel and don’t want your trusted companion stuck in commercial’s cargo section? No need to worry. One benefit of private jet travel is the opportunity to take the pride and joy of the family with you in the main cabin. Despite the fact that pets are often considered members of the … Read More

Helping Kids and Pets Develop ‘Pawsitive’ Relationships

Dogs, like children, are part of the family. But no matter what the dog’s temperament, families with young children should take some important safety precautions. For the children’s safety and the dog’s, it’s crucial that they learn how to play nicely with each other. Here are some suggestions: * Choose the right breed and personality. Generally the large breeds – … Read More

Crisis Checklist: Saving Your Pets Life When Disaster Strikes

Help could not come soon enough for the residents of New Orleans and the surrounding Gulf areas. But for devoted animal owners rescue came at a price-leave your pet behind. Having a plan in place before disaster strikes can save both you and your pets lives. Here is what to do now. General Helpful Hints 1 If you live in … Read More