Why Treating Fleas is a Must for any Animal Lover

Why Treating for Fleas is a Must for any Animal Lover!

Author: Jonathan Wallace

We have all done it, we look over in the corner and see Rover scratching and think “Oh he has an Itch it can’t be fleas”. A few weeks later he is still doing it! Yes chances are Rover has fleas and they need to be taken care of Immediately!

Fleas are more harmful than you may think to your animals, Fleas can cause allergies dermatitis, also known as Fad. Which in turn will cause your dog or cat to scratch even more opening wounds on their bodies leaving them vulnerable to other insects and diseases that can enter through an open wound. Flea’s also multiply extremely fast laying up to four thousand eggs that all hatch within three to four weeks! Ignore your dogs or cats flea problem for even a month and they are covered in these things. The Dog flea may be slightly different from the cat flea however they are both carriers of infectious diseases  including Tapeworms and Heartworms for your loved pets.  Oh! and they can bite you and your children too!

Some good preventative measures with handling fleas are to first take them to go and get a flea bath, not a flea dip but a bath. Most grooming shops will do this as part of their normal routine. This method will kill whatever fleas and eggs are currently on your cat or dog. Then you want to get them a good flea treatment.

I use a collar on my two puppies that was highly recommended by an associate at Pet smart called Seresto This product is affective for eight months and runs about eighty dollars for a large dog and fifty for a small one. If a flea collar concerns you because of children around the house or any other reason, I have found some of the Topical Solutions over the oral solutions for your pet. With an Oral pill the flea has to actually bite the animal and, does practically nothing unless the female is pregnant with her four thousand eggs or the fleas feed. This means that there is still a high chance to contract and  not control the problem. A Topical Solution kills and prevents them from coming back. There are several available the best I have found before switching to the collar was K-9 Advantage. It kills and repels fleas ticks and mosquitoes. Frontline is another brand however, this one is said to only kill fleas and ticks, and not repel causing a need for more treatments.

The final step is to flea proof your home! Fleas jump from animal to animal, across the yard, through the fence, and if the puppies come into the house on the carpet and even into your hair! There are products available that will treat the Outside of the house for fleas and ticks, this needs to be sprayed maybe once a month on the outside parameter of your property, it is plant and animal safe, so don’t worry about your loved friend eating a plant and getting poisoned from the spray or a child playing in the grass.  This will help prevent fleas and ticks from residing on your property waiting for the perfect time to jump on your dog or cat and start their infestation. A flea can go weeks without food waiting for the perfect moment to attack.  You also want to treat the Inside of your home as well with a decent inside spray for complete protection. Your animals will love you for this!