6 Crazy Cat Trees you Probably didn’t know existed

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Crazy Cat trees you Probably didn't know existed!

Holy Smokes, yes there are dozens of Cat trees that are Modern, or even super fancy. With some good woodworking skills you can make a cat tree out of just about anything you want to. Some people are just born with that creative gene and can make anything look really cool  Like this pimped out funky looking  wall hammock, or the cat tree, that really looks like a tree. 

Basking in the glory of the ceiling gods...........where the dog cant go

Fabric Cat Wall Systems

Cat Hammock anyone? Who says kitty needs a window to perch, it looks like kitty only needs a wall, and a few Anchors to use this crazy Cat tree. This is the new way, what is it that they say, more is less? This thing takes up less space, and looks pretty cool on the wall. You can find it here at cat’s play furniture. They have some really cool looking and fun cat trees! 

How Much is this again......NO way!

This Furhaven Cat tree needs to calm down a little, look at this thing! It has everything a kitty could ever want, for less than one hundred dollars! That’s right, that is what makes this one so crazy, is all the stuff on it for less than 100 bucks. It stands almost 6 feet high (69.3″) its about 19.7″ long and has multiple levels for kitty to play on. This one fits purrfectly in almost any corner of the house, giving kitty her special place to hide, and a few dangle mouses to play with. I think any Kitty would enjoy the plush carpeting and the spring wand. Where else are you going to find a Double Decker with Free shipping for less than $100

Don't mind us, we like to put our cat beds on the wall

Okay, did you really just put the cat bed on the wall? So the cat is going to use the stairs to get to their bed? You bet they will, Cats naturally like high places, they feel safe, so why not? These Cat wall shelves are more of a modern trend these days, people are getting rid of the bulky cat tree and putting it into wall decorations. Just don’t put anything on these shelves, your cat will knock it over. This one comes with a pet bed and is only 36 inches long in total length, that enough for kitty. 

Oh, I am so painting a chimney on that thing.......

Who said coloring your own cat tower would not be a good idea? This company has more than one of these things too, all made out of cardboard, you can actually have fun designing your own cat furniture for your kitty! Way to go Furhaven, I think I am going to get some crayons, and let this kids have at it. 

Excuse me, You have a tree in your living room

Oh, Right, It’s a cat tree I knew that

If only it came in deciduous forest 


We actually think this is a really cool design, the fake leaves give the cat some cover, and it just looks like a indoor house plant. It blends in perfect with any furniture. 

some of these cat tree Ideas are just wild, and I know there are more out there, Have you guys seen any? What kind of Tree do you use for your cat? 

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