Do Cats Love Their Owners???—Hold my Catnip…I got this.

Its a Cats life for me

Isn’t this the million dollar question? It is a lot easier with a human counter part to simply throw it out there and say those infamous three words and hope to hear it back. It goes without saying, love is one of the main human cravings that people long for in life, across all cultures and backgrounds. People do some crazy things in the name of love, for, do cats love their owners image 1against, or even just in hopes of.

Do animals feel the same affectionate emotions that humans do? How do we actually communicate with something that doesn’t speak our language? What do we do? how do we know that this four legged animal feels some type of love for you or not. The million dollar question, Do cats love their owners?

I got this, Kitties! Hold my catnip.

Do cats even have emotions? Well yes, they do but not in the same sense that we perceive emotions. Dogs have more emotional cycles than cats, However cats are extremely sensitive to your emotions.

Cats are very cautious animals, as well as spunky, goofy, spontaneous, and often just plain old goofballs. But they do pick up, on your senses and the “vibe” you’re giving off. Just like dogs, cats are very sensitive to their surroundings. They haven’t been around for 9500 years by being a 5-20lb dufas. So they do experience some type of emotion.

Cats are stronger emotionally than we give them credit for, You may think that your cat is depressed, but remember that the feline emotional triggers are much more simplistic than you realize. In comparison to a human, it may seem as though the cat does not have any type of emotional connection to anything, but pay attention to their behavior as the emotional cycle is often short-lived.

Best friend, worst nightmare? I mean I guess, but I don’t really……

Cats typically can make really good companions because of their silky fur and comforting purring, combined with their endless snuggles on the worst possible day that you ever had. How does the cat know? I have no clue, but it does, just like it knows when you come home, when your upset, and when your happy. We know that when a cat brings home something that it killed, it is bringing you a gift. This is a small gesture of affection. Cats also do this to their young to get them to eat, teach them what to eat and to feed them. cats love points


<====cats get some love points for this.

Cats are very independent animals, but they do still have a family like mentality if they are living with other cats. At one point in time, I had about three cats living with me in the same house. They slept on different couch cushions, they would eat out of different bowls, and they even wanted outside at different times. Don’t mess with the old one though, because the moment he lets out a hiss, the other two would come out of the shadows, like ninja’s to his defense. To be fair, he was around prior to the other two, and at this point in time, they had been living together, for over three years.

^^^^^More love points^^^^

Motherly Instincts? What, What did you Just say?!?

Aside from defending themselves, cats are also capable of telling on children, and caring for other kittens. I had a cat named Fluffy, she would swat at my nephew, Noah was three at the time, and he was getting into the cupboard, we kept telling him no, Fluffy was lying on a chair about a two feet away, she stood up, hissed and swatted at Noah, He cried and ran over to me upset. He was fine, not even a scratch. She was very gentle with him, almost mothering him. She was telling him not to get into the cupboards, at least it seemed that way. Fluffy had no other reason to discipline him, or warn Noah.

It was strange at first, and I didn’t know what to think. My first thought was wondering if my nephew was okay, then I was more in awe than my cat just disciplined my nephew, or at least warned him to stop getting into things he wasn’t supposed to be getting into. Fluffy was also very tolerant of Noah (remember he was only three at the time), he would pull on her tail, and play a little too rough with fluffy, (we would stop it of course), but surprisingly it was almost like fluffy knew, that Noah was just a baby. She never ever attacked him, or was overly aggressive towards him, she would just get up and go somewhere higher to perch from, or somewhere, he couldn’t reach her.

She would also just go into my room, where she knew Noah couldn’t get her.

Extra love points.

I have also seen a young mother cat adopt stray kittens (mainly because fluffy brought them home). About ten years ago, Fluffy had a window that she could climb in and out of. She would occasionally bring home birds, rats, and other small gifts. One day she brought home a stray kitten. No joke, she brought me a new kitten. Cats are normally very territorial and it takes some time to introduce new cats, but this was something different. This was a Kitten. A kitten that had been abandoned, at least to my knowledge.

I took the kitten to the vet, ( I had to, it was like an obligation at this point, my cat signed me up for this). The verdict from the vet was that the kitten was roughly 6-8 weeks old at the time and was extremely ill. I nursed it back to health, bottle-fed her, and she lived with me for about a year until she was well enough and then I found her a good home. During that year, Fluffy mothered this kitten as if it was her own.

She picked it up, she protected it, she made it eat, she hissed at it for going places she didn’t want it to go, etc. She basically adopted this kitten. I still wonder where she got it from, and even the vet said that it was strange behavior. None the less, it happened.

More love points.

One more point on this, fluffy seemed really sad when this kitten went to its new home. She stopped using the litter box for like a week, and wouldn’t eat. I had to take her into the Vet, But he said she was fine, gave her a clean bill of health. So after exhausting all means, we came to the conclusion that she missed her little adopted buddy. She started eating again a few days after her vet visit.

Okay, but seriously! can they, do they, you know…. love you?

cat high five humanSometimes signs of your feline friend not eating are nothing more than external stresses which bring me back to our original question. Do cats love their owners?

First things first.

As always you should definitely get things checked out by a veterinarian, because a cat who is not eating, and showing behavioral changes, such as not using the litter box, may have a disease. It is highly recommended if there any changes in your cats behavior, that you seek professional help.

No joke, you really should ask a veterinarian, we are not doctors over here, nor do we claim to be.

As far as your cat loving you, we believe that they do love you, but not in the same way that you love your family. Cats feel emotion but differently than we do, a cat, or even a dog is sensitive to your vibe. So when you’re being affectionate, they are receiving affection and returning it as a sign of affection towards you. I Believe that your pets, dogs and cats alike are capable of loving you as their human companion, in the same manner that you love them.

I love my dogs and my cats, I love them like they are my own children, but I still love my children more. And I see them for what they are, sweet, happy, wonderful, forgiving, and loving animals. For example, If I forget to feed my cat, I’m a jerk, and she will let me know, but she forgets about it five minutes after I feed her, and she will show signs of affection as a pleasurable emotional attachment to her care giver. If I forget to feed my kids, my wife won’t let me forget it for the next ten years. lol 🙂

The simple answer is Yes, cats are capable of loving you, in the same way you are capable of loving them. Show them some love, and they will love you back. Have you ever had a cat that showed you some love? Have you ever had a favorite cat?  Comment below we love cat stories.




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