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“Step -by-Step Help for your Dog’s Separation Anxiety”

A Book Written By Nicole Wilde

A game changer in dealing with Separation anxiety in pets. Nicole Wilde really does a good job here, explaining the behavioral component of Separation anxiety and how to help your fur baby. A good deal of helping your fur baby is consistency, and the plan in the book is an ideal way of keeping track of your paw pals, progress. The extra stories really add a connection that I could feel when reading this book. So lets dive into this quick review and the awesome sauce that this book is in regards to Separation Anxiety. 

"Expertise in Behavior modification, combined with easy to follow guide-lines, useful resources, and alternative remedies makes this book extremely helpful to any owner of a dog with separation issues"

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Nicole really breaks down the different aspects of dealing with Separation anxiety in your pets. She focuses on a few different elements and provides a tremendous value with her suggestions in the text. The book starts off explaining some of the behavioral challenges that people face, as well as exactly what separation anxiety is within pets. She connects well with readers in a humorous manner when transitioning between the different parts of the book. Everything from behavioral challenges to helping you develop a personalized plan, and a ton of extra references. 


So Far

This book is really easy to read, I think that this book explains this at a reading level that is appropriate for anyone reading above a 7th grade level. The Text is really easy to understand and the author does an excellent job of explaining Separation anxiety. The topic was well researched by the author, and she even refers to some studies that we have referenced here in discussing Separation Anxiety(SA). When referencing these studies she breaks down the information making it really easy to understand. The only things, and it is really minor is that sometimes the writing style is geared more towards one specific gender and not everyone, but this is a minor issue and is hardly even noticeable. 

Factual and entertaining

The main purpose of this book was a factual read, however the author does an excellent job of incorporating some humor in the writings, you don’t feel like your reading another self help book here.  Nothing really stands out that seems untrue, within the writing style. The information flows really well and gets you to want to read the next chapter. Is it a page turner,? not really but it is entertaining. Of course to be fair, how could a book like this be a page turner anyway, the stories told were entertaining and easily relate to you. After reading some of the insights, or other peoples experiences, I really felt connected as though other people knew what I was experiencing. I laughed with this book, there were some funny sayings in the text, it was overall a good balance between fact and entertainment, which is why we rank this so high in this area. 

Presentation of Materials

One thing here that I would like to say is that in my assumed opinion there are plenty of motivating extra’s within the content. I really couldn’t find any negatives within the extra content of the book.  This book does a really good job of incorporating images and personal stories in an impressive manner. The short stories within the book about a persons personal experience more than help “paint the Picture” to the reader. 

I enjoyed the shorter chapters in this book, it allowed me to get a chapter in while waiting for uber eats to arrive, a pot to boil, or even my Labs bathroom runs outside. I could easily knock out a chapter in less than 15 minutes. The reason this is a positive is because I feel that it contributed to the value of the material. The shorter chapters would normally indicate a quick and free e-book, but the information in this book is really broken down in a manner that is easily understandable. The shorter chapters make the understanding of the material resonate better and give you time to process the information as it pertains to you. 

This book could have made better use of their images, however the images appeared to be 100% unique and “Sierra” is really cute, and photographs really well. 

The book also contains a guide that helps you follow along with what steps to take, which can be very useful when dealing with Separation Anxiety. The guide was spread throughout the entire book as an example to help you follow along. There are shaded area’s that clearly define what is part of the main content, and what is a little extra content. These shade boxes really add value to the book, and were used really well. 

Progress So Far
Readability 100%
Factual versus entertaining (purpose) 100%
Presentation Of Materials 66.37%


What the heck ? Two platforms only? This is only available on Amazon, and Nook Books, Barnes and noble doesn’t even appear to have a paperback version of this book. We really wish this was available on more platforms for the reader. Don’t Leave Me! is an exciting book that can really help a lot of people, however the lack of resources making it available definitely counts against this book slightly.  The below ranking is only for the Availability of the book! It is also available directly from her publishers website, located inside the book.

Emotional Connection with Audience

Nicole Wilde does an excellent job of connecting with her audience in Don’t Leave Me! She is an excellent writer who really gets you to see the perspective of your dog, and helps fill in some of the things that we all take for granted. She provides some excellent advice in terms of the relationship building and behavior expectations from most pet owners. You can tell that Nicole really cares about Sierra, and your dog as well. To be Fair Nicole is a professional Dog Trainer, and the Author of Nine other books related to Dogs and their behavior. Her experience as a writer and trainer really shows in this Book. I walked away from this book, thinking that I would and should follow Nicole’s advice when dealing with separation anxiety in Dogs. All of the things that Suzanne Clothier says about this book are 100% true (quote below), the compassion is there, the gentleness, and the genuineness is all present in Nicole’s writing. This book has a really good emotional balance and really brings home the bacon with an really good guide throughout the entire book. The best thing is that her voice is consistent throughout the entire book.

"Gentle and compassionate, thoughtful and clear, "Don't leave me!" offers solid, practical information for owners. Options range from time proven behavior modification to Psychotherapeutics to promising new nutraceuticals and even pressure wraps, and how best to decide which combination of options may be most effective. Highly Recommended, this book is a gift for those trying to help dogs"
Suzanne Clothier
Author Bones Would Rain from the Sky

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Rankings so Far


Factual versus entertaining 



Emotional Connection

Price Point

One of the main considerations here is did the value outweigh the price that I paid for this book. All of the above items reflect some sort of value in the book, but does the overall value outweigh the price? Lets look at the following:

1. Did the book serve the purpose that I originally purchased it for?  

2. Is the book re-readable , does it hold continued value? 

3.0 Does the book have any added value? 

4.0 Would you recommend this product to a family member? 

1.0 Yes, it most definitely served the primary purpose for which I purchased it for, it more than exceeded my expectations for a low cost book on Amazon. I was actually impressed with how much content was in those 145 pages of material. Quality over quantity here with this book. 

2.0   Sure does, the material is a topic that is easy to mis- understand, the amount of knowledge the book gives, I would recommend a second read, or even a third pass to suck up all of the knowledge nuggets. 

3.0 There is added value from the reading material, the follow along guide, and the pages of references and recommendations from product, to other books and DVD’s is more than enough added value from this product. 

4.0 Yes, this gets a recommendation bonus for sure, I am sending this book to my mother when I am done with my third pass. 

Pricing Rank

Recommendation Bonus

Final Verdict is a.............

It’s only right that this book deserves a solid 9/10 ranking, really the only thing that it really has against it is the availability. I Hope this review encourages more publishers to carry this title, because this book is well worth the price.

Have you read this title, or any others on the topic, comment below

Jonathan Wallace

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Leave me! ………….Book review

  1. Hey Jonathan thank you for this, I’m looking for an easy to read but helpful book on this as my niece has a fur baby who destroys their house when they leave her at home with the other fur babies even for just 30 minutes. I think this will help them understand and solve the problem hehehe 🙂

    1. This would be the one, It was kind of a diamond in the rough here, I was not expecting that much value for a 140 page book. It is worth it, the program in here can help with that.

  2. Great Book Review Jonathan, I have owned a dog with anxiety before and its good to know that there are resources out there to help.

    1. It can be a scary thing, a vicious cycle, on one hand none wants to give up their dog, but on the other hand the dog is destroying everything in site, and it all comes back to your fur babies anxiety levels. I think sometimes we try to treat the symptom instead of the behavior.

  3. Thank you for a great review. This topic is a common problem we are faced with daily in the veterinary sector. Its great to know there is a good resource out there for the everyday person. thanks for sharing

    1. It really is and this book was a great read, it was entertaining and not done text book style. I read some of the journal articles before reading this book and was surprised to find the information referenced in the book.

  4. You have NO IDEA how glad I am to have found your post. We have 2 dogs – decided on getting a 2nd dog so our first would have a “friend”. Our first dog is the perfect dog, who never causes any issues, but our newest (now nearly 2 years old) is a devil in disguise. She’s damaged soooo much stuff around the house (including the house itself) whenever she’s left alone. I even have a picture where she broke into the bathroom (chewed through the door) and destroyed my wife’s make-up, ripped the toilet seat off the toilet, dumped the garbage all over (and then had the “fur” to dump the garbage can in the toilet). She’s “crazy”!

    I’m going to get this right away! I’m hoping that this book has some good ideas on what to do with our dog, as everyone else says to exercise/walk/run her before we go to work – that’s great, but we leave for work at 6:30am, so that’s a bit difficult.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. This book can definitely help you! Sometimes the exercise can help but it sounds like that dog may need some behavioral training. But even with some training, they still do stuff you don’t want them too. My Three year old American Staffordshire (Juniper) Just ripped the trash can into the living room the other day, and she is Trained! As frustrating as it can be sometimes they are just trying to tell you to stay home for a little while. There some really good references and materials in this book from Music to medication, and the program implementation is proven to work. I hope your toilet seat made it, (Now watch, I am going to come home from work tomorrow and find my Juniper eating my toilet seat) I really hope that this book helps, I would talk to your Vet first before starting any kind of program.

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