#10. License and registration please.

Woah! I am lucky that I had some spare Bacon in my Trunk, I just came from the grocery store! This Pooch almost wrote me a Ticket. He’s a little cute though, so I think that I would have just paid it when I got home. In hugs and Bacon of course.  

This one is relatively inexpensive, super cute, and has free prime shipping! It even comes in an Xrtra Large (which is sometimes really hard to find). Perfect pick for the larger breeds.  and it goes really good with the prisoner outfit (multiple dog family here too).  

#9 Roar! Roar! Rark! Rark! hey wait, Let me try again

Hold on, did A lion just come into the reading room? Oh wait that’s my Fido! Rark is going to be the fun little sound of the evening when the door bell rings. This simple costume even comes with a tail. Its so cute. The mane just wraps around their necks, anything between 60 and 80 cm.  Its pretty awesome if your having a small get together for Halloween this year. Your pup is sure to be the life of the Party. Oh, the kids can do Madagascar this year! Yes, its so happening.  

#8 Its a Bird, Its a Plane, its a Flying pizza dog?

Hold the Anchovies on this one please, Extraa puporoni please. This pup has extra chances on sneaking a piece of that party pizza in this costume. It won’t be your pizza running away, just this cute pup in a super pizza dog costume. 

#7 Hera-gee, Hera-gee, I now call for the Town Treats Miester

There are several types of Kings around, and this guy surely sees himself as a king of the house, so why not let him be King for a Day. Plus the costume is amazingly cute too.  If you have a pup with a quirky royal personality, then King them for a day, Just make sure you have extra treats. 

#6 Scooby dooby doo!....There is a Ghost over there......

This Is a Nostalgic treat, especially if your pup jumps at the first sign of trouble, but is still brave enough to go check it out. This costume is adorable for Halloween, scooby dooby doo……hey where did you go? This isn’t funny puppy? Oh, you are eating some scooby snacks. If you do this and dress up as Shaggy, we want pictures on our social media pages. 

#5 Oh what Big eyes you have.....Oh what big smile you have mom...

“No one will ever know, She will come in with the Bacon, and Then I will jump and eat the bacon, she’ll never know it was me” She will think it was the cat, This is the purrfect plan…….What else can I really say about this costume, Its super adorable, and a classic, sure to be a hit in 2018 if your passing out candy

#4 "Ain't nutin but a Hound dog"..........Ain't nutin but a

This is is pretty funny, And if you and your pup share a musical passion this is the one for your. It really looks like they are jamming when they run. Goes perfect if you have a dog run, or a tiny pup that likes to run around. The more energetic your dog is the better for this costume. 

#3 Has anyone seen my keys? I Think I had too much to drink.......

Did I just see what I think I saw? Is that dog a Mariachi Band member? If you can keep that hat on, otherwise hes just wearing a blanket for a costume, he could be a Ghosty? A rainbow ghost, That’s Mr. rainbow ghosty to you trick or treater’, The hat is adorable though. Like really adorable. ::) 

#2 Who doesn't like a good T-rex costume! Those things are super cute!

Okay, so Watching my dog run up and down the hallway in this T-rex costume is probably going to be really funny. This is going to be an epic year in the Jurassic realm of things. Just make sure you get the picture of them chewing on a lamb dog toy. 

#1 Nope! Not Spider Dog, Because this is way cuter!

Yup, Ewok is the cutest dog costume right now, or at least the cutest dog on amazon. This little guy likes his star wars like he likes his Beggin Strips, Original and plenty. Smells like bacon, it must be the magical human tricks.