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So how are your favorite sneakers? Work shoes? You must be here because your new puppy is teething, we have put together our top 10 must haves for your new puppy. Most puppies start teething around the 4 months mark to about the 8-month mark. After that, puppies are usually chewing to relieve aggression or energy and should use regular toys. So, If your new puppy is in its teething stages, or your thinking of getting a new puppy, here are the best toys for teething puppies.

This is a comprehensive list of our top ten recommendations.

  1. Kong Puppy goodie bone
  2. Puppy Buddies
  3. Nylabone Just for Puppies regular Chicken Flavored Bone Puppy Dog Teething Chew Toy
  4. SHENNOSI Pet Products Arctic Freeze Fetch Food Cooling Puppy Teether Chew Toy Dog Chew Rubber Water Play And Freeze Play (Donut)
  5. ZNOKA Pet Products Arctic Freeze Fetch Food Cooling Teether Chew Toy
  6. Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifier, Bacon Flavored
  7. KONG Puppy Teething Stick Dog Toy, Medium, Assorted Pink/Blue
  8. Nylabone Puppy Starter Packs Puppy Chew Toys
  9. Dog Toy Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick
  10. ThinkPet Multifunctional Rubber Dog Dental Chew Toy, for Teething Puppies
  11. StoneBone Small Puppy Teething Pain Relief Super Premium Dog Chew Toy

Bonus Recommendation 1

Authority Dental Puppy Teething Rings Dog Treat (Pack of 2)

Bonus Recommendation 2

Doggie Cone: Frozen Treat Maker for Dogs, Mix and Freeze Healthy Dog Treats, Soothes Puppy Teething, Puppy Chewing


1. Kong Puppy Goodie Bone

This one is our top recommendation, fairly inexpensive and in our experience, lasts a long time with most pups. Puppies will enjoy the softer rubber and treats that you can stuff inside. It comes in Pink and Blue, but softer colors, not for any particular reason I’m sure, but it is really easy to distinguish if you have other dogs. You want to make sure you get the puppy version and not a version made for older dogs.

The best part is being able to stuff Kong treats into the ends of the toy. Kong Puppy Paste is a good treat to try out if this is a new product. I haven’t met a dog yet that didn’t like the Kong peanut butter treat paste.

After your dog is not a puppy anymore you want to make sure you select the appropriate size for toy for them. These goodie bones do come for fully grown dogs as well. You can even get one with a rope in it, but you can’t put treats in that one, which is one of the reasons why its our #1 pick, the treat dispenser.

2. Puppy buddies

We actually sell these on our eBay store and they are amazing. These toys are definitely underrated but a good soft plush toy for your pup to chew on and  they are the perfect size for a teething puppy. They come in a few different animals, a flamingo is the most popular. The Puppy Buddies come in pig, monkey, and cute little cow.

We are breaking the rules here as Multipet does not recommend this toy as a teething toy, but it does make a perfect cuddle buddy for your new pup. They are soft, only about 5 inches by three inches and have a squeaker inside. If you can forgive my horrible photo, they are really an amazing toy And I think we have free shipping right now!

3. Nylabone Just for Puppies regular Chicken Flavored Bone Puppy Dog Teething Chew Toy!

It tastes like chicken! At least I think it tastes like chicken, I’ve never actually tasted it before to know for sure, but My dogs have and they seem to like it. This toy is really gentle for their chewing needs. Puppies have new teeth and need softer durable things to chew on until they get their adult teeth. Like this soft chicken flavored, Silicon based flavor absorbent puppy toy.

Nylabone doesn’t disclose what this is actually made of, but it is their softest one.  It does come in different sizes and hardness ratings for different dog needs. The souper is a little big for a small puppy you want to make sure you get the right size, which would be puppy size until they are fully grown. The rating system from Nylabone is kind of confusing if you haven’t really purchased thier products, the one you want for a new puppy will say puppy on it.

Nylabone is one of those good products that encourages non-destructive habits from your pup too, so If you can put them on a Nylabone plan early on, it can benefit you greatly later on.

4. SHENNOSI Pet Products Arctic Freeze Fetch

OMG! its a cooling interactive Puppy teething, play toy! Who said your pup can’t have it all! You simply soak this is water and either give it to them right away. You could also freeze it, or just cool it off in the refrigerator, and it helps with Separation anxiety! The overall design is better than we have seen in most of these toys.

Even some more popular freeze toys out there don’t have the durability of this one. The holes allow for easy replacement of water, and as the dog chews, the water squirts out of the holes! This helps keep them Hydrated and your carpet dry! The rings in between the holes help your dog chew and can be used as a tug toy, toss toy throw toy as they grow.

You can even toss it in the pool when they are old enough. The only downside, is that you can’t add any treats. This would be out top water frozen pick for 2018 if you could just add treats, and it’s kind of useless in the more mild climates. Or extreme climates where you can only use it literally 3 months out of the year.  Were looking at you North west, north anywhere really.

5. ZNOKA Pet Products Arctic Freeze Fetch Food Cooling Teether Chew Toy.

It is slightly better than some other freeze toys out there, but really may not last as long as you like. It is a good quality product, you freeze it (this is important for longevity here) and then let your pup chew on it until it thaws out.

As with all new born puppies, you should be supervising them unless they are in a kennel with something that you know they can’t hurt themselves with. This is perfect for a summer pup because it is filled with purified water and a soft sponge. As they chew on it through the plastic, they cool off as well.

You can Add Treats! Anything you can add treats too is a plus for your new puppy. They will go crazy for the treats. You could even add the Kong paste to this thing if you wanted too. The nubs also help clean their teeth, but most all puppy teething toys have nubs on them, most all of them anyway.

6. Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifier, Bacon Flavored

I Smell Baconnnnnn!!!! is what your new pup is going to be saying after getting a whiff of this Bacon flavored pacifier. Made exclusively for puppies (sorry big dogs not for you), this bacon flavored toy is good for up to 25lbs. They should be off of the pacifier by 25lbs, seriously though, I know it sucks but they are just getting too old for it.

This is for the teething puppy, made with the same type of material that they other gentle nylabone products are made of, this one comes with a bone shaped and pacifier shaped toy on a cute little baby ring!

This is also Veterinarian recommended if that means anything anymore from a large corporation. It promotes healthy chewing habits, and most importantly provides entertainment, get away from my sneakers, here is a Nylabone puppy teething pacifier, that tastes like Bacon, every dog favorite flavor.

The design could use some work, but its still cute as heck to see your puppy chewing on a pacifier and tiny bone.

7. KONG Puppy Teething Stick Dog Toy

Simular to our number one pick the Kong puppy teething stick may not be as fun, but it still does the job. You just can’t put enough treats in it. It has a hole in the center, which is open on the other end for safety, please get the correct size! The puppy version is good for puppies up to 9 months, then they need to start getting other toys.

You can some small training treats in the center, but they fall out, the paste is good,(the paste is always good) but you want to make sure you get the puppy version for your new puppy. You can even put some treats in the side slits, but the paste is really the best thing for this toy, sometimes the paste gets stuck in the center because the puppy can’t get it out, but to be fair it wasn’t designed for the paste it was designed for the Kong puppy easy treat.

Overall It is good for an older puppy that is about to stop teething, I would recommend for a puppy that was 6-9 months old.

8. Nylabone Puppy Starter Packs Puppy Chew Toys

The Dino is the best looking one, and the most common one to find. You can freeze them (recommended), this helps with the bleeding gums, it has massaging nubs for your pup and is made of a very soft material. If your pup is just getting their puppy teeth, this would be a top pick for a 16-week-old pup, although I probably would freeze it until at least 24 weeks, it probably won’t hurt anything, but I want their needle teeth to come in correctly.

The coolest thing about this toy is the tiny dinosaur that your pup is chewing on. Mainly just the dinosaur shape.

9. Dog Toy Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick

Crunchy after frozen, this toy should be called the get wet and freeze stick. It has a cloth outer shell, you wet the toy and it freezes, and it then crunches after its frozen, really good toy if your puppy has inflamed gums (which they almost always do after a day of chewing). This one is list worthy, but your puppy could tear it really easily. It is the perfect size, at only about 6 inches long, the only thing with this toy is watch for shredded cloth.

This toy takes a little more supervision than some other toys. I wouldn’t leave this in a kennel all day, But it would be fun to let them play with on a Saturday morning.

10. ThinkPet Multifunctional Rubber Dog Dental Chew Toy, for Teething Puppies

WOAh! High tech puppies look out, this thing has 4 salient points for cleaning teeth. Seriously though, I have no idea why that’s important when they are teething. But what is attractive about this toy is it small shape, and different chew textures with the different nub designs on the toy.

You could put some treats inside, But very small treats, and it has a minty flavor. The minty flavor is why it gets ranked lower, personally my dogs hate minty flavors, and prefer the meat flavors, but hey, maybe your dog likes it. None the less it made the list because of the different chewing textures, its 3.5 inch size, and low price point.

11.StoneBone Small Puppy Teething Pain Relief Super Premium Dog Chew Toy

Who doesn’t want a bone made of light plastic ( so it seems, its actually a nylon material) that is filled with minerals and hard as a rock! Maybe not a rock, but definitely a bone, made with food grade nylon, and packed with minerals that a young pup needs. T

his does get a worthy mention because of the no splintering, toxin free, bio-degradable food grade nylon. Don’t worry too much as the small flakes will easily pass through your puppies digestive system. That makes some people weary and I get that, I don’t really like it either. This one is a hit or miss with your puppy liking it too, some love it, some hate it.

The company itself ran an 18-month independent study at Florida State University, go Gators, thanks for the Gatorade by the way. Any who, They allegedly found the best combination of minerals that dogs prefer to chew on and shaped it into a bone, hence the name stone bone. They probably could have picked a better name than stonebone, but here it is one the list. (we had to replace number two, because that one technically isn’t a teething product.

Wait no Kong Rubber stuff paste in dog lick out toy? But everyone recommends that one?

You will probably notice that we did not mention the infamous Kong Durable rubber toy, this toy didn’t make our list simply because we feel that this is a toy for older dogs. The design is good, but there is a small risk of your dogs tongue getting stuck in the hole that is meant for the Kong paste. Kong has taken measures against this by placing a breather hole at the top of the toy, however although this issue is an older issue, getting the correct size is still important. For that reason we did not place that item on the list.

And we think its a money grabber, just good old Kong going, “hey its a hit, lets make a puppy version”, its not really meant for teething, its meant for playing, teething just seems like an afterthought with this toy. (Like, when you get this really awesome lunch, and your co-workers are staring at you, then you offer some next time you go, type of situation).

Bonus Item #1: Authority Dental Puppy Teething Rings Dog Treat

You can get these at your local pet smart, this brand is amazing, they use natural ingredients and their food is awesome too. My dogs absolutely love their treats. These guys at authority really are experts in what they do, I recommend their products to every pet owner I know. This company uses high quality ingredients and prepare their food products with consideration. The teething rings will probably last about half an hour, and you get six rings per bag, Try them out for sure. I also recommend their training treats, with bacon My Juniper absolutely loves them and they are only 3Kcal per treat.

Bonus Item #2 Doggie Cone: Frozen Treat Maker for Dogs

This thing is amazing, I have been mixing plain Greek yogurt and peanut butter together and freezing it for my dogs for a few years now, and they always go crazy for it. This thing just makes that easy to do and saves my ice cube trays. My bigger dogs always want more than one, and my little dog is good for about two of them per sitting.

I can easily go through a tray in less than a sitting. This thing is really just a cool tool to have if you like to make home treats for your pups. I use one cup plain Greek yogurt (this is really important that it is plain and Greek yogurt, do not give your dog sweetened yogurt EVER!) and 1/2 cup of peanut butter (any kind works here just make sure there is no Xylitol), I just mix it and freeze it. You could even add banana’s if you like.

These are our top recommendations for your teething puppy, you can pick them up here at Amazon, if you use our affiliate link we do receive a small commission for your purchase so thank you in advance. It helps keep the site free.

Do you have any experience with these teething aids, good or bad, please comment below.

Or you could tell us your favorite home made treat that you like to make your puppy, we might do a segment in the future.


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  1. Hi Jonathan,
    I have tried the frozen rings for my girl, and the flavored chicken bone rubber chews. However, I’ve found she gets along a lot better with a the plain old rubber ring chew toy.
    All good now, she lost a baby tooth the other day!

    1. Congratulations!, only about 27 more teeth to go. The rubber toys are fine too, Some people worry about the ingredients the toys are made with but as long as the puppy isn’t eating the rubber, and its not too tough for them as puppies.

  2. Hi,

    Great article. Thank you for your reviews of best puppy toys for teething. It is informative and it is going to be very helpful in the future. My dog is approaching his old age but who knows maybe we get him a puppy to help him live longer 🙂 I’ll remember your article if we do so. Thank you.

    1. I appreciate that, A young puppy is always an amazing addition to a family. Sometimes it can put stress on your older dog, but after they get used to the new puppy, they will be fine. MY Lab is currently 11 and my American Staffordshire Terrier is only three. They bickered at first and still do once in a while, but overall they are a pack.

  3. Thanks for this great post! This is a really detailed list and it has all the information you might want, so great job! It’s funny you mention that the flamingo dog toy is usually the most popular because I recently bought one myself!

    1. Did you, I really hope your puppy enjoys it, if you bought it from eBay you may have purchased from us. This one provides comfort to the puppy more than anything else. Its a good “buddy” for them to cuddle and sleep with, and still chew on. I’m glad you like that toy.

  4. I found this info just in time as my dog’s puppies are at the age where their teeth are coming in. One bit my toe the other day and I said, ‘yup, its time to get some teething toys’ though I had no idea what to get. Thanks for this info, it has made my job so much easier. I’ve bookmarked it and will get some of these soon.

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