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Hi There and welcome to Paw Bulletin, A blog by Pawlogic. Here at Paw Bulletin we aim for the highest level of quality when it comes to your information about your pawpanions. We promise to provide well researched information for you and your family, A brand you can actually believe after reading it on the internet 🙂

How it all Started

I have owned pets my entire life, even when I was a small boy growing up, I had a cat and a dog named Baby girl, a Rat named Jenny, a Bird named Zazu, and about three different iguana’s all before the ripe old’ age of 14. The small ranch I lived on, (very small ranch, only one herd of cattle), had two ranch dogs, and a few horses. I learned at a young age how to take care of these wonderful creatures.

Skip forwards a few years into my twenties after moving out, I lived in small apartments and could only own small animals.  I had several cats over the years and living in the city it was hard to keep cats indoors, they always wanted to explore, and ignorant me didn’t want to spay them. I wanted them to live as “god intended” or all natural as they were created. Man did I have some wild ideas back then.Black cat Pawtimes

I rescued this cat from a kitten, she was malnourished pretty bad, A friend of mine at the time found her at a house she was partying at, but this kitten was in bad shape, and since I was looking for another cat at the time.

My other cat Alucard  had passed away, hit by a car. The Maintenance man from the apartment complex had found him wrapped around a chicken, who has chickens in the city?! ugh,. Story for another time.

                                                                                       (Not actual Photo Of Midnight)

Midnight was solid black except for one tiny white spec on her  tiny  little chest right under her neck (hence the name) and she was my pride and joy. Getting Midnight to eat was a challenge at first, I had to mix kitten formula in with milk and bottle-feed her for about a week, then slowly mixed kitten formula in with dry food (making it soggy), then mixing wet food and dry food until she was better. After I nursed her back to health, Midnight and I would spend the next 8 years going through some wild adventures together.

She was my best friend, she was all I had. My parents and I didn’t get along, they were absent for most of my teenage and young adult life, So it was just Midnight and I, going through life. She helped me cope with so many situations emotionally, that she truly was my best companion. I’m Leary on the exact numbers, but that cat went with me through about five different girlfriends, and six moves and looking back, I should have listened to the cat.

We had such a bond, that she refused to purr or go near any of my girlfriends except two of them. I would introduce her to them, calmly pet her, try to let them pet her, but she never came around with a few of them, its like she just knew something. One of them violently attacked me, instant breakup, and the other two cheated on me, its like my cat knew something I didn’t. She picked up on their demeanor or something, and If I would have just listened to her I could have saved myself some young adult drama there.

The one girlfriend that my cat seemed to get along with, somewhat anyway, wound up moving in with me. Midnight seemed to like her, she liked my cat. It was working out, I had just moved into to that particular house at the time as well. So we were moving way to fast for some young people, But live and learn.

I was at work one day, and I just got this awful feeling and maybe it was the weather, or something I ate, I don’t know, but I knew something wasn’t right. When I got home, I went over to the window to let her in, she didn’t greet me like she did every day when I got home. She really wasn’t there. I thought “okay, maybe she was running late”. But I knew, I just knew something was wrong. Morning comes and I remember telling Ashley( my girlfriend at the time) that something just wasn’t right, 8 years and she always came home, every night. I waited another day under Ashley’s advice.

I went to work the next morning, no Midnight, I felt sick to my stomach, I don’t really remember much of that day except I missed my cat, and still do. Was there something I could have done to prevent this? When I returned home, I was hoping that she would be there, she wasn’t. I drove around the neighborhood, looking for signs of her, I went to every shelter in the city looking for her, I knocked on my neighbors doors (yes, all of my neighbors, even behind me) asking if they had seen my cat. I got no where, she was just gone. Just like that, poof, disappeared, bye-bye best friend. At the time of me writing this that was about 7 years ago the tragic end, of Midnight.

The reasons behind it all

Fast forwards about a year from the loss, and I developed this knew interest in other pets. At this point I was still living in a house, and wanted another companion but refused to get another cat. Midnight was dear to me and getting another cat at the time seemed like replacing her. I still had a tiny sliver of hope that she would return.

I was on a date with Ashley and going into a local retro arcade, there was a pet store in the same parking lot, I decided I wanted to go in there and look at some fish before proceeding into the arcade with her. When we walked into the pet store, they were holding an adoption event for some rescue dogs. Sue was the lady that helped us out, I mean it was right at the entrance there was no going around. I wasn’t really interested in a dog at the time, but she let him out of his cage and he was so cute. Ashley did all the talking to Sue, while I played with Lad.Lad the Lab

He was running in circles, and acted like I was his long-lost friend that he hadn’t seen in centuries. He played with me, rubbed up on my leg, licked my hand, and would just not leave me be. Then the famous test run question came, “How would you like to see if Lad the Lab is a good fit for your family, take him for the night, and if you want to return him in the morning you can.” I figured what’s the harm, he can spend the night, it might just be fun. He has been “spending the night” for 6 years now and has no plans on going anywhere.

Lad was 4 (almost 5) when I adopted him, he is now 10 (almost 11) at the time I am writing this, and he has been the best dog ever. As he aged I wanted to prevent that pain I felt when I lost midnight, I became concerned that I didn’t know too much about dogs, not as much as I did about cats anyway and I had him for two years at this point.

(Actual Photo of Lad the Lab When I adopted him) 

I had read a thing or two here on the inter webs, and in some books about dogs. I even did a few research papers in college about animal behavior (you know those busy work writing assignments your teachers always assigned to help with your writing skills), But I wanted my new best friend to be around forever. His annual vet visit came up, and they told me he was overweight and needed to lose about 10 lbs.

This freaked me out, OMG, what am I doing to him, he has plenty of exercise, we go on walks, he plays all the time, he eats regularly, he has plenty of water, and gets all the hugs.

I combed the internet for the information, and I couldn’t find anything that matched! It seemed as though the science behind everything was just filled with opinions and know it all’s. How much of this was actually helpful. My roommates dog was also overweight, But they had the same lifestyle so it wasn’t really a surprise. That dog is also my dog now, his name is Buster.

At the same time I had a research paper due in one of my business classes that I needed a topic for, so I picked the health and wellness of canines. I found out so much information through online veterinary journals, that my head exploded. The F.D.A. does not have high regulations for labeling, processing, distributing, dog food, or other animal products. That’s why the information is so vague and everyone has a different opinion. I decided to start Pawlogic LLC. A place where you can trust what you read and buy. We vowed to provide only relevant information, based on research and only sell products that were deemed safe to use. Due to the lack of regulation within the industry it is hard with everyone having the same promise to actually deliver. I love my dogs so much I don’t want anyone else to feel the loss of their pets, and the worse feeling in the world is that it was your fault. That’s why Pawbulletin exists, To help people have loving, lasting, and meaningful experiences with their paw-panions.

Now we must Share with the WorldShare with the world Pawtimes

You see manufacturers do not create a product in hopes that it will harm a beloved pet, and sometimes they actually have no clue, most of the time, it can be user error, or a lack of knowledge and regulation. We aim to provide knowledge, that will give you the confidence, that what you are doing with your paw-panions, feeding them, and even teaching them, is right for you and them.

Your paw-panions cannot speak, but we can, and we aim to source data from relevant sources, create factual opinion pieces, and develop good conclusions based on factual data, not on the idea that company X can make YY more dollars by utilizing ingredient Z in their food mix.

I am not a chemist, nor a veterinarian, nor an animal nutritionist, in fact my Degree was in business. But sourcing information in 2018 from reliable sources has never been easier. So please when in doubt ask a professional and please if we are wrong, contact us so that we can continue to research a topic and make amendments. This site intends to help people, and animals.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jonathan Wallace



Jonathan Wallace

Hi There, I absolutely love animals. I didn't major in animal science, I actually received my M.B.A. at Florida Tech University, (Go Panthers), But I enjoy writing about animals. I Enjoy learning, and helping people. I conduct all of my own research prior to publishing any article anywhere. I have four paw-panions right now, they are all angels, as are yours i'm sure. So thank you for taking the time to read my BIO, enjoy. If you would like to know more please visit the about me page

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