Meet the Paw Team

Meet The Paw Team

Lad the Lab:

Retired Pack Consultant


Definitely the wise one of the pack, a Natural born leader, Male Lab Mix, Currently 11 years old at the time of writing this. We know his back story already, as the Senior of the pack, he is retired, and now simply spends his days basking in the sunlight, sleeping inside, or occasionally chasing his tail and telling the other pack members what not to do. This wise old man is the start of this whole thing and wants to see it through to the end. Even in retirement he provides plenty of barks, and entertainment. He even holds a surprise tail chase every once in a while. You better hide the bacon when he come in, full plates at thanksgiving and Christmas were his idea, and his alone.


Head of security

This little guy was a real pain in the neck when he came around.

Male 8 years old, and is the most protective of the pack.

Okay, let me explain.

Buster was a friends dog, when I moved into his house renting a room from him to finish out my college years, he had buster. Lad and Buster played together all day while I was working or doing classwork. I had a glass door leading straight into the backyard from my room at the time. So when I got home I would let Lad in, and Buster occasionally. At night out of respect for my roommate, since it was his dog, I would kick buster out of my room, I figured, if he wanted to let him in he would.

Buster would sit at that door and scratch and whine all night long wanting in (I mean why wouldn’t he though, I am glad I know so much more now). This went on for about a month and I had just moved in here so I really didn’t want to stir anything up. So I asked my roommate if I could just let him in with my dog at night, of course he agreed and so I started letting him in.

He was so excited to come in that he just wanted to play all night with Lad. He would wake me up by running laps around my room and toppling over me as I slept (I only had a mattress on the floor at the time). It irritated the heck out of Lad and I, Then I started noticing that I was the only one feeding the dogs.

I continued to feed Buster too, even though he wasn’t mine, because why not. I mentioned this to my roommate whom was not interested in buying dog food for his dog. So, basically at this point Buster just kind of became my other dog. I was struggling to try to train him so I could get some sleep.

Laticia, pointed out that he just wants some love. At first, I didn’t understand, I pet him, played with him, fed him, what else does this dog want! I decided to take a different approach, and I started treating him exactly the same as Lad, Taking him for grooming appointments, taking him on walks with Lad, to try to buy him toys (this one took a few years to find something he likes) for about a year before he started calming down, and now he listens, he sits, and he is the first one at the sight of a squirrel in the back yard, and the first one to let everyone know someone is outside and the first one at the door when it opens. He definitely alarms the rest of the pack, but I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

He still has his annoying bouts of spontaneous energy which is absolutely adorable. He was ignored for so long by my roommate, that he didn’t know how to play, when to eat, or even what a bath was. Come to find out my roommate at the time got him from a previous relationship, after his girlfriend moved out, Buster was just kind of left outside and ignored. Now I found that he really likes the Crinkle toys, and the rope toys. After all being head of security doesn’t come without its challenges.



AKA June bug, Jun-nies, jun-ster, June, and Jun-piter (June-Pit-ter, like the planet Jupiter).

Brand ambassador

(in training)…… 

She is three years old, recently adopted and full of more energy than I can shake a red bull at. This little angel joined our family back in March of this year and was a little shy at first. Her story is rather a sad one to be perfectly honest, Although we don’t really now what happened, prior to her being adopted. It was suggested to us that she was dragged behind a truck, or had fallen out of a vehicle.

She was scared, bullied, and sweet, not a mean bone in her little mixed American Staffordshire, American pit, great Dane mixed body. I refer to her as my American staffordshire, simply because the word Pit bull, holds a negative connotation, and she does not meet the stereo type at all. This little Buger bun is a teenager at heart, and boy does she show it. She likes long walks anywhere, basking in the sun, and also enjoys a good jog around the back yard. Better not leave your things out for her, she likes to try everything in site. Being so curious all the time, she enjoys playing with some strangest toys, like a 3-foot snake with 16 squeakers in it, or a good crinkle toy. She tries all the treats, and doesn’t sleep, she is the best brand ambassador we could ask for (and the cutest of them all). She also belongs to my fiance’ Latisha. One thing about Junpier, is because of her trauma, she has nightmares, anxiety issues, and breathing problems.  One of her things is that she has to be touching someone when she sleeps, or she will kick and yelp in her sleep most likely her nightmares. Shes is missing some nails because of the event, I am just glad that we got her now, and I don’t put dogs in the beds of trucks anyway. She really is something special, very warm heart-ed, and caring. She has one mean bark though, my poor neighbor, lol.



AKA nom noms,

HR Business PETner

She is the vocalist of them all, she will let you know when she wants something. She is our HR lady for pet problems, she solves everything with a quick Meow, and tells you when your making mistakes. She is fast, furious, and clean. Noemi expects you to show up to feed her on time, keep the litter box up to date and poop free, and make sure her toys are available for play. Nom Nom’s  doesn’t like fast cars, loud noises, or anything that interrupts her Zen. So pulling in with your loud car and fancy shoes will not impress her, shes seen it all (through the window, shes never been outside). She was a standard rescue from a pet store, (they are all rescues), she looks like she had a pretty good life, calm, caring, and lots of toys. She didn’t have any weird quirks, she went right to work when she arrived. If you want to keep her off your back, tuna is definitely the way to go here, otherwise get prepared for endless midnight laps, rolling bells, and 7 am wake up meows, if the dogs don’t beat her to it.



Honarable Board member

Zeus unfortunately is no longer with us, he was technically my old roommates cat, but Since we were friends for something like 15 years, I knew Zeus his entire life. I remember when he first came home, I remember his first litter with my other cat Midnight ( whom also passed, we also know her story already). Zeus was a tribunal part of the team, he developed some major health issues in recent years, and is currently under the care of my old roommates mother (Probably best).

At one point Zeus’s teeth had all fallen out (old age), and he has to eat soft food only, he became really skinny, he developed an infection in his gums, and then I had to feed him baby formula mixed with baby oatmeal for about two months.

At the time he was already reaching close to 17 years of age. Zeus is still alive, and over the years has been a light to see, a shoulder to cry on, and a cat to love. He always knows when to come home for petting, and how to make you feel better with his purring. Zeus loved laps, didn’t matter whose lap he was in, if you were in the house, he was in your lap. He used to tease lad and buster by coming to my door, letting out a loud meow, and then running off and hiding. OMG, it was the funniest thing to watch in the morning. Zeus is accompanied by his only daughter left, pearl on his journey at grandma’s house. Don’t worry, he gets lots of love and has other cats to play with.

Although he doesn’t have an active role here, he was some inspiration along the way, and I will never forget him, or pearl, or guard kitty, or midnight, or fluffy, or fraklenstien, or alucard, or 47( yes, I named him after a video game character, he was the only kitten we kept from midnight and Zeus’s first litter), or pom poms (my very first kitty when I was a little kid).


Wait, there is another.

Jake the PIT, His story is not really mine to tell. This one whole heartily belongs to Letisha, and I have to let her tell it, Shes working on it.


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