Rankings Explained

We don’t mind disclosing things some places keep as ” industry secrets”.

The truth is that most people will rank things based on a number of different aspects and we feel that you should know why we came to the recommendation or ranking that we did. So here it is here, Full Disclosure. 

The whole crew approves. 

We Use a proprietary method similar to the ranking systems found in statistical models. We had to create our own system, and you may even be familiar with a scaling system used to determine value, most people use them in surveys methods to find a weighted average or value associated with a certain element or variable.  This is easier than it sounds, trust us. 

Our first step was to create some type of systematic approach to ranking products, lets use a book for example:

6 paws possible
 The book was difficult to read and follow alongThe book was average to readThe book was easy to read
Factual versus entertaining
10 Paws Possible
The book did not meet its intended purposeThe book met its intended purposeThe book was entertaining and factual
Presentation of material 
5 Paws Possible
The visual material does not match at allThe visual material matches only some partsThe visual material matched perfectly with the content of the book
Availability of item
5 Paws Possible
The item is only available in 1 format.The item is available in only two formatsThe book is available in multiple formats
Emotional speak 
4 Paws Possible
The writer failed to connect emotionallyThe writer connected emotionally at timesThe writer connects with emotions through the entire book.
10 Paws Possible
The book was too expensive, did not provide enough value for the money spentThe book matched the value spent.The book exceeded the value spent

  Referral points Y/N



You’ve probably seen this format in a grading rubric in school, (That’s because its similar). The possible paws are called the weight of the scoring system, each item holds its own value. Each row has a total value, and each column also holds its own value based on the row. Suffice to say, somethings are simply just more important than others.

For example, Emotional speak is worth 4 paws possible, that’s 1.3 Paws per section. 

The referral bonus has a solid y/n weight of 10, this is called a variable check, this has a solid weight, and can make or break the review, and spot any bias in the review, or at least a possibility of one. This is why the weight is so high for the referral points. 

So lets say a book has the following scores:

Factual 3.3333
Emotional Speak1.3333
Referral points10.0 (remember this one is 10 or 0)

The total points possible is 50

This book scored 37.3333 out of 50 

or .747 which would give it a ranking of 7.5 paws out of 10

Had we decided that we would not recommend this book, the ranking would have been 27.3333 out of 50 making it .5470 or 5.5 paws out of 10. 

This type of ranking system makes it almost impossible for a product to receive an unfair review. For instance even if it scored the lowest possible score on everything (which would have to be something that probably wouldn’t even get published or mass produced), the product would still have some type of score to it.

Check it out: 

Emotional speak1.333
Referral 0

Total points is still 13.3333 out of 50 or 2.667 so it would still receive 2.6 paws. (Which would be pretty bad) 

Horrible in our opinion

Each review will receive a ranking based on these scaling properties, to give an honest a trustworthy review. 

Product reviews are done a Similar way, just with more sections, or guided points.  

A  Product review will be done in a similar manner, ranking each section individually all contributing to the final ratings, similar to above, just with more sections, each section clearly defined. 

The legal stuffs…….You Know……It has to be said

Most of our reviews are done voluntarily, meaning that we are not doing them based on sponsorship, or sales volume for a particular product. 

Reviews on this site are simply opinions, and these are the methods in which we choose to validate our opinions, Each review is written from an opinionated viewpoint, under the copyright fair use and review act. We do not claim ownership of any proprietary relationship with any product or service being reviewed. 

This may anger some viewers, but we do not give any points for a product being sponsored, Products are ranked based on the product and its intended purpose. If you want us to review a specific product please comment below.