Resources Disclosure


We write different types of content here on the pawbulletin,

We include these when we use Scientific, medical, peer-reviewed or scholarly journals as we simply cannot provide a link to the original document. However, all Journals are easy to find using a database, that you most likely may access through your local library, or online if you have a subscription to said magazine.

The reason that we feel it necessary to provide you with the proper references at the ends of certain articles is mainly that we are giving credit to the original doctor, student, scientist, or examiner that has done the work and deserves recognition for their academic achievement. We are passing the information on to you and do not agree with plagiarism.

Some referenced works are easy to link to, Such as the ASPCA, (this link is meant to be an example)  which is a wonderful organization aimed at helping animals as well. They do an amazing job with research as do many other sources of information. We will always link to these sites if the information is protected under copyright law.

Some other pieces you may find that we do not include references, this does not mean that we conducted the study ourselves, nor does it mean that we are claiming to be the original creator of the information, but simply that we did not use any academic resources to create that specific piece of content.

We research all content prior to publishing it, however some content is just meant to be fun, or a general guide which does not require references as we are the original creators of the content.

We also make no claim to any study results, we are simply analyzing the information and providing our opinion on the manner. We do not claim to have participated in any study that is referenced, unless otherwise stated within the article itself.

Some of the different types of content that we write, are personal stories, breed and training information, animal specific studies, product reviews, lifestyle, nutrition articles, medication, personal care, hobby and excersize, popular opinion,this is not a full comprehensive list, and is subject to change without notice. 

We really are just giving you the information, sorry for all the legal stuff here. Just hit the back button to go back to your Pawsome Content. 

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